Shady Spex " BIG CITY AFTER DARK " The Black Widow:Black with Polarized Burgundy Gradient

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テンプル内側のブランドロゴはアーティストAvi Spivak(www.avispivak.com/)、フレーム両サイドのトレードマーク"スネーキーS"のメタルモールドはアーティストMicki Pellerano(www.mickipellerano.com/)によるデザインです。


テンプル内側のブランドロゴはアーティストAvi Spivak(www.avispivak.com/)、フレーム両サイドのトレードマーク"スネーキーS"のメタルモールドはアーティストMicki Pellerano(www.mickipellerano.com/)によるデザインです。

The BIG BOLD design of our latest and greatest frames, named after Link Wray's tuff classic instrumental "BIG CITY AFTER DARK" is inspired by the eternally cool "Rumble" artist's signature style and dangerous sound! While the origin, brand, and other details of Wray's stunningly unique 1970’s eyewear remain shrouded in mystery, these previously elusive shades are finally available for all to attempt his timelessly chic look! This wild pair, with its broad lens width of 60mm, substantial lens height of 58mm, thick 70’s style temples with an extra length of 140mm, and distinctively sleek design, flirts with some of the attributes of the classic Ultra Goliath shades rocked by Run DMC in the 80’s and even the oversized fashion rocked by "The Greatest Generation" as they aged into the 1960’s to the 1980’s as represented by the mob movies of the present. Further inspiration comes from oversized shades as seen in vintage snapshots on heroes Bo Diddley, Professor Longhair, David Bowie, John Waters, Divine, Keith Richards, Gena Rowlands, Dr. John and more! The outer arm features Micki Pellerano's new and improved Shady Snake metal mold! With inner-arm logo by Rebel Rouser/artist Avi Spivak! Made with recycled materials and they are recyclable! Comes in a microfiber pouch. Are YOU tuff enough for the dark majesty of The BIG CITY AFTER DARK?!

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¥4,180 tax included