BASKET CASE magazine issue #7

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14cm x 21.5cm

Issue 7 of Basket Case Magazine kicks off with coverage of San Francisco’s own low rent chopper build off, The Dirtbag Challenge. Basket Case raps out with the Dirtbag Challenge founder Poll Brown to find out what the requirements are (no Harleys for one!) and a little bit about the history and future of the event.

Also in this issue, Basket Case Magazine’s club liaison, Jonathan Weldon gets intel from the Chopperkingz of France. Find out the real deal on this Motorcycle Family, what it’s like ripping around on choppers in Europe, and how they got their start. These guys have been laying down miles together as a MF since 2013 with a simple mission: No bullshit, ride choppers, travel, and have a great time together with their friends.

Then, get behind the camera lens of Mikey Revolt/ Forever the Chaos life, who captures iconic images of life and times on the road. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Mikey’s flicks have been published in the likes of many US and International mags, and we are honored to have him as our featured photographer of Basket Case #7.

About the bikes, we feature two bitchin’ choppers, including the KILL BILL Survivor Story with the lovely Alexis Carene. Not much is known about the history of this Ironhead currently owned by Dave Changras, who purchased it from Busby. Also featured is DTMC Gus’ bike with model Jordan Marie. This 1977 Shovelhead was originally built by Gus’ dad in 1990, but later modified by Gus, Robert Cohelan, and Good Speed and Machine.

BC wouldn’t be complete without a little skateboarding, and the ripping photos of Kevin Biram. We also have an interview with Reno’s own Donny Walters, ripping half pipe skater and OG member of Santa Cruz’ “Pan Clan.” Donny and Josh sit down to discuss the correlation between riding choppers and skateboards.

Hope you guys have as much fun reading the new issue as we did putting it together!